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KINDA MISS YOU posted at 04:13

Assalamualaikum guys. so today i decided to write some post because i'm so fkin miss you guys! I miss my blogger partner, i miss my blog so hella crazy, and ofcourse i got a reason lah eh why I suddenly nak post something today. So yeah Its been about 3 years since i wrote my last post in this blog hahaha (3Years gaisssss! xke winduuuuu) and im kinda busy these days cause i'm going to through spm examination for this year aaaaaaaaaaaaa ihateit ihateit! 24hours kot tuition. no time for phone. no time for rest. no time for blolgging (Ni pon sebab cuti)

But there's something that is more worst, TUKAR FORMAT SPM LAGI! doesn't this is so unfair? Takkan lah tahun ni pon nak kena pi hadap macam pt3 jugak? new format, gred naik, full with KBAT. people gonna say, 'Alah! tahun ni je last.. tahan sikit jer'.. Amboi, form 3 hadap pt3, form 4 hadap smu (sebab I sekolah agama so ada exam jugak) maybe dak2 sekolah biasa cakap, 'Eh kau nii, kan dah rest setahun! time form 4! takkan lah still tak cukup!'.. Lol guyss, lemme say it again 'i sekolah agama and we still got smu examination time form 4 (Exam bahasa arab 10subjek). so jujur aku cakap, please don't judge us kalau time form 5 kami slow sikit bahagian akademik. cer pikir bebaik, bukan senang tau kami student skolah agama nak bahagi masa time form 4 diantara akademik and Bahasa Arab.

Truthfully, it's not as easy as you think. so kat sini saya nak cakap, yes i am kinda slow bahagian akademik. but i will never let this pain take away the strength that i'd built for a years. yet i still can't handle this. yes, i did tried and still trying to do my best for this year. Legend once said, 'Life is like a game with obstacles encountered and when there is a chance, we have to seize it'..so guys, imma going to stop writing here. Azan maghrib is calling. please pray for me, help me reach the goals. i can't do it alone seriously. yet i still need your du'a. Assalamualaikum (I am so sorry for taking a half of your time by reading this rubbish post , yet i have nowhere to realeased this feeling that i'd been keep it in a deep from my heart all these times, and i could  finally realeased it here. Thank you so much for spending your time..)
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
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